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MgA. Jan Neubert, *1952, photographer and freelance artist. A Renaissance personality.
University Professor Emeritus. Member of the Association of Professional Photographers, and the Czech Velocipedists Club-1880.

      A graduate of the Film and Television Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Neubert studied with Professor Šmok and Docent Rajzík. This artist has always been devoted to photographing landscapes, architecture, portraits, and nudes. As a dedicated photography teacher, he encourages his students to hone their craft, immersed in the world around them and living life to the fullest. Psychology is another one of his avid interests. In addition, he writes free-spirited literature, plays irreverent jazz (on an electric bass of his own making), and creates artefacts and sculptures using mostly waste materials. Artistic freedom of opinion and expression are his most cherished concepts.

      His works are in private collections in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, USA and France. He has also presented his photographs and articles on the pages of magazines such as Reflex, Playboy, Advanced photo, FotoVideo, Instinkt, and Dobnet. In the Czech Republic, he is represented by the Vitvart Gallery and on www.neubert.cz